About Ron Bancroft


Bancroft & Company was founded by Ron Bancroft in 1985 to provide strategic consulting to small to medium-sized growth companies. Ron had spent twelve years learning the ropes of strategic consulting with McKinsey & Company. While at McKinsey, he was part of the team that collaborated with Tom Peters and Bob Waterman in the work that led to the management classic In Search of Excellence.

Ron left McKinsey in the mid-eighties for a simpler life on the coast of Maine, his native state. After several years in which he was a principal in the buyout of a large shipbuilder and the owner of a small wood products company, he established Bancroft & Company as a way to bring the value of his wide range of business experience to smaller companies.

In more than twenty years of strategic work with growth companies in a range of industries, Ron has established several long-term client relationships that have been mutually satisfying. His clients have tended to grow and prosper. They attribute part of that success to Ron's unique ability to "value add" strategic facilitation to their businesses.

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At this stage of his career Ron is principally focused on Advisory and Board relationships in the Private Equity field. He is a Strategic Advisor to Industrial Growth Partners, a San Francisco-based firm that specializes in acquiring engineering-driven mid-size manufacturing companies.

In addition to his consulting practice, Ron has long been involved in education reform. He is a founder and former Chairman of both the Maine Coalition for Excellence in Education, a business/education coalition, and its successor organization, Educate Maine. He also serves on the Board of Great Schools Partnership, a leader in bringing proficiency-based education to New England High Schools. Ron is also the Chairman of Maine Public, Maine’s statewide PBS and NPR provider.

Leadership and service have been consistent themes throughout Ron's life. He is an honors graduate of the United States Naval Academy. A Rhodes Scholar, Ron earned a Master's Degree in Politics and Economics from Oxford University.

Ron resides outside Portland, Maine with his wife, Sally. They are active in their community.

I have known and worked with Ron for more than 50 years. He has led strategic planning studies for four companies and one non profit that I have been directly involved with. Ron understands strategic planning better than any one else I have known in my business career.

Ron also has a gift of working cooperatively and constructively with a wide variety of people to involve them in the process and make the product of the process their plan. He has an engaging sense of humor and exudes general good will toward all which makes him both likable and highly effective.

Ron brings many experiences from a long career with McKinsey and his work as a strategic planning consultant to bear on each new situation. He is clear-headed and highly effective, a man of impeccable integrity.
— Bart Holaday, Former Managing Director & Head of the Private Markets Group; UBS Asset Management; Chairman and CEO, The Dakota Foundation