For a medium-sized technology-based financial firm engaged in global options trading, Ron Bancroft led the development of a growth strategy.

The firm expanded its narrow product focus, developing a set of new products and geographic initiatives that were extremely successful.

Ron has been advising this firm on strategy issues for more than ten years. During that time the firm has been more than doubled in size and has become a global leader in electronic options trading.

For a medium-sized financial services firm Ron Bancroft has led an effort to refocus strategy and strengthen execution.

At the time Ron was retained the company had recently changed senior leadership and had not clearly defined its direction and focus in the marketplace. The company had been modestly successful. Working with the company over the past year, Ron has directed company energy to a focus on core business, enabling company leadership to rationalize and restructure other business ventures. In addition, these efforts have resulted in new initiatives that hold great promise for the core business. Over the past year the company's stock price has doubled and financial results have exceeded expectations.

For a medium-sized privately-held manufacturing company in paper converting, Ron Bancroft has led strategy efforts over the past five years to improve profitability and positioning.

Over this period the company developed a strong record of profitability at a time when few competitors were able to do so. The company was recently merged with a larger industry player at a substantial multiple.