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Call to Action on the Fiscal Cliff

For those interested in solutions to our debt/spending issues, you might want to read this. I have signed on.  This is not about donating, just signing the petition.



Well, they're gone. The fiscal cliff is bearing down upon us and our leaders have left the building. President Barack Obama is in Hawaii and House Speaker John Boehner is in Ohio. Tough to be much farther apart than that.

Yesterday, you joined thousands of No Labels supporters in saying "No Deal, No Break." We need to tell Washington now more than ever that it's time for both sides to sit down, talk turkey and find a solution. Now we need you to forward this email to two friends and ask them to join you and sign our petition to Washington telling leaders to come back and get a deal done.

A pilot doesn't go home until he lands his plane. A surgeon doesn't go home until the operation is done. Congress and the White House are taking off until at least December 26 and the principal players have left town as our nation hangs in the balance. This is simply unacceptable.

Forward this email to two friends and ask them to sign on here. It's time for a deal -- and that's not going to happen with 4,500 miles separating negotiators.

Most sincerely,

Dave Walker

No Labels Co-Founder